ASTI to consider proposals to avert further strikes

After late-night mediation talks earlier this week with the Department of Education and Skills, the Association of Secondary Teachers of Ireland (ASTI) is to convene a special meeting of its 180-strong Central Executive Council on Saturday 3rd December. The committee will consider proposals contained in documents issued by Anna Perry, Chair of the Teachers’ Conciliation Council, which are aimed at averting further industrial action by the ASTI.

The union’s Standing Committee met on Wednesday to discuss the new proposals. Generally, decisions by the ASTI’s standing committee are crucial in determining whether proposals are to be endorsed by the union’s Central Executive Committee and wider membership. However, on this occasion, the Standing Committee did not reach any decision. Overall, the proposals are broadly similar to what has been secured earlier this year by the Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) and the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation (INTO).

Under the proposed deal, ASTI members would have to agree to cease its industrial action and work additional “Croke Park” hours, in exchange for pay rises for new entrant teachers and an opt-out for working supervision and substitution duties. There are also proposals that would allow thousands of junior cycle students in schools staffed by members of the ASTI to avoid penalties in their exams next summer. This would be in exchange for the ASTI committing to dropping its industrial action and co-operating with junior cycle reform.

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