Congratulations to the Class of 2016!

Everyone at The Dublin School of Grinds would like to say a huge “Congratulations and Well Done!” to our Leaving Certificate 2016 students. We’re extremely proud of all our students and we know better than most just how much commitment, effort and enthusiasm is needed to succeed in the State Examinations.

Every year, we ask our students to let us know how they get on when the results are released, and this year the reaction has been amazing. Below you can see some of the incredible feedback we’ve received from our fantastic students:

Sam (A1 in Higher Level Maths, Economics & Chemistry): “Huge thank you to everyone at DSOG for helping me out so much this year! I could not have received the results I did without your help.”

Robert (560 CAO points): “Sincere thanks to The Dublin School of Grinds.”

Sorcha (A2 in Higher Level Business): “Please pass on a huge thanks to Rónán Murdock, I’m thrilled! His grinds were amazing and I’m so grateful for all his advice and support.”

Oisín (B2 in Higher Level Maths): “I’m thrilled! Many thanks to the Dublin School of Grinds.”

Derry (A2 in Higher Level Maths): “Delighted with my result. I want to do Engineering in Trinity.”

Kerri (B2 in Higher Level Irish): “Thanks for all your help during the year.”

Dominic (B3 in Higher Level Economics): “My teacher was absolutely amazing. I ended up liking a subject I started out hating.”

Sinead (A1 in Higher Level Spanish): “Hi, just wanted to say a big thank you to Lisa for her great help and encouragement throughout the year. I’m thrilled!”

Alan (B2 in Higher Level English): “Absolutely delighted. Please give my thanks to Michael Ruaidhrí Deasy.”

Bernard (605 CAO points & A1 in Higher Level Maths): “Please pass on a HUGE thanks to everyone.”

Harry (B1 in Higher Level Irish): “Thank you all for the fantastic service!”

David (A1 in Higher Level Biology): “Delighted with my results. Fingers crossed I’ll be doing BESS in Trinity.”

Peter (A2 in Higher Level Maths): “I went from a C3 in my mock to an A2 in the Leaving Cert.”

Daniel (B2 in Higher Level Chemistry): “I’m over the moon! The notes were invaluable.”

Stephen (B1 in Higher Level Geography): “So happy with my results. Thanks a million to Kate Fortune and everyone at the school.”

Alex: I would like to say a big thank you to Wesley Hammond and Carl Brien.I  really struggled with Biology and Maths and never thought I would pass these subjects. The grinds really helped me. Thank you so much for such a great service.”

John (A2 in Ordinary Level Maths): “Couldn’t have done it without DSOG. Carl Brien is a legend!”

Emmett: “I’m delighted with my results! I think I have enough to do Primary Teaching. Pass on a big thank you to Robert Browne.”

May (535 CAO points & A1 in Higher Level Maths): “I hope to get Science in Trinity or UCD.”

Aderoju (A2 in Higher Level English): “I went from getting 40% in English to an A2 in the real thing. Thanks for all your help, you really do get what you pay for.”

Ashling (C2 in Spanish Higher Level): “I was failing Spanish last year (30%) and I managed to bump it up to a C2 with the help of Lisa’s fantastic notes and classes.”

Chris (590 points): “I hope to get into Economics & Finance in UCD.”

Ross (D3 in Higher Level Physics): “I went from an F at Easter to a D3 in the exam. To say I’m thrilled is an understatement!”