Economic recovery linked to jump in CAO applications

The CAO has received a record 76,000 applications this year, with significant increases in numbers of people applying for architecture, engineering, construction and business-related courses. A growing confidence in the economy appears to be the main driver of this jump, with school-leavers banking on continued growth in these industries. This sharp rise in applications means more competition for places. This generally tends to result in higher points requirements.

Industry groups and policy makers have recently predicted skills shortages in areas like technology and engineering, meaning increased applications for maths-related courses will be greeted with relief. Another area seeing a huge jump in applications is nursing, up 11 per cent from last years figures. This probably reflects well-publicised staff shortages in Irish hospitals. The single biggest area of growth is architecture, which has seen a massive 13 per cent rise in applications.

An intense points race this summer appears to be a likely proposition, with students competing to get into the courses they believe will provide future job prospects.

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