National Digital Strategy for Schools launched

Over the past number of months the Department of Education has been in talks over the future of IT in National schools.

In light of these talks, the Government has just launched the National Digital Strategy for Schools, a five-year plan from 2015 to 2020.

The primary goals of the new strategy are:

  • Dedicated multi-annual funding to schools to invest in technology
  • Rolling out of high-speed WiFi networks to every school
  • Develop opportunities for students to take an in-depth ICT course at Leaving Certificate
  • Promotion of the use of e-portfolios
  • Embed ICT skills as part of initial teacher education and ongoing training for teachers

According to Minister for Education and Skills Jan O’Sullivan, the new strategy will allow “all students to develop 21st century skills”.

While these aims are certainly commendable and the use of technology has a role in the classroom, many feel that the government’s strategy lacks practical details in terms of how its aims will be carried out. A key concern is that teachers will not receive the sufficient level of training to effectively implement the strategy in a constructive way.

Further research has also suggested that the effectiveness of ICT in the classroom is at best unclear and at worst a hindrance to the quality of students student’s learning and exam performance.

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