A staff room you can trust


As a private school, only the highest standard of teaching is accepted. This ensures that you will be taught by the best. Our philosophy is simple: Hire the best teachers in the country for each subject. We strive to find diversely talented, experienced communicators who are innately curious, resourceful, agile team players – and who like to excel. It is the school’s primary objective never to deviate from this strategy. Over the past decade, thousands of students have trusted this strategy and this has led to The Dublin School of Grinds becoming the largest and most trusted grinds school in Ireland.

In our eight-year history, we have rapidly become the cornerstone of exam preparation in this country. The quality teaching you will receive will be complemented by our renowned study notes. These exam-focused notes are refined by our teachers – namely, State Examiners, textbook authors and curriculum advisors.

The Dublin School of Grinds was the first school in the country to run the Elite Teachers’ Programme, a rigorous hiring and training schedule for the country’s leading teachers. After a lengthy selection process, all teachers undergo intensive and ongoing training. Teachers are assessed and reviewed each year, with feedback given by pupils, parents and fellow teaching staff. Only those achieving results in the elite category are retained. This entire programme is overseen by a dedicated Teacher Co-ordinator.

We support teachers by fostering an innovative spirit and a culture of collaboration that provides the opportunities and resources to create an unparalleled learning environment. As a result, The Dublin School of Grinds is a career destination for leading teachers from across Ireland.

Teachers that will give you peace of mind.

Here are the facts:

Our History teacher had 48{6a0c756c1737f4c8ed1de5e3da828d9971bd449c577ad2ce21974011d179d728} of his students achieving an A1 in a recent Leaving Certificate examination. Nationwide, this figure was just 7{6a0c756c1737f4c8ed1de5e3da828d9971bd449c577ad2ce21974011d179d728}.

Our English teachers have been advisors to some of Ireland’s leading textbook publishers regarding the new English Syllabus, and have worked for The State Examinations Commission. In recent results, 36{6a0c756c1737f4c8ed1de5e3da828d9971bd449c577ad2ce21974011d179d728} of their students achieved an A1. Nationwide, this figure was just 4{6a0c756c1737f4c8ed1de5e3da828d9971bd449c577ad2ce21974011d179d728}.

Our Geography teacher had 90{6a0c756c1737f4c8ed1de5e3da828d9971bd449c577ad2ce21974011d179d728} of her students achieving an A-grade or B-grade in their Leaving Certificate Examination. Nationwide, this figure was just 37{6a0c756c1737f4c8ed1de5e3da828d9971bd449c577ad2ce21974011d179d728}.

Our Maths teachers are regarded as Ireland’s leading Project Maths tutors and have led discussions on the changes to the course. They are experienced exam-correctors, textbook authors and have conducted seminars hosted by Trinity College, Dublin.

Our Chemistry teachers have taught students who have achieved full marks (400/400 = 100{6a0c756c1737f4c8ed1de5e3da828d9971bd449c577ad2ce21974011d179d728}) in their Leaving Certificate Examination.

Our Physics teacher is the author of the Leaving Certificate Physics Experiment Book, and has been an expert contributor to education on RTÉ Radio.

Our Spanish teacher is the author of Shortcuts To Success: The Spanish Oral, and has given teaching workshops to teachers nationwide.

Our Economics teacher had 32{6a0c756c1737f4c8ed1de5e3da828d9971bd449c577ad2ce21974011d179d728} of students achieving an A1 grade in a recent Leaving Certificate Examination. Nationwide, just 3{6a0c756c1737f4c8ed1de5e3da828d9971bd449c577ad2ce21974011d179d728} of students received an A1.

Our administration team pride themselves on assisting and inspiring students. With the challenging exam year ahead, we are absolutely devoted to helping students.

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